100 Years of Jaguar

Join Jaguars celebrating their centenary at the 2022 Classic & Supercars Show held at Sherborne Castle.

100 years ago, in Blackpool, the Swallow Sidecar Company was formed when William Walmsley’s neighbour, William Lyons was so impressed by his polished aluminium sidecar creation, that he bought one and suggested they start a company together. Their first ‘SS’ car appeared in 1927, before the company changed their name to Jaguar after 1935. They had little idea back then, that they were starting one of the most famous car brands in the world responsible for iconic vehicles like the E-type, XJ6 and multiple Le Mans wins.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club is the largest Jaguar club in the world and exists to enhance the ownership of all Jaguars, including those SS cars from the early beginnings. They offer owners of all Jaguars, new and old, rare and in daily use, a unique camaraderie and experience through their various tours, events, track days and driving experiences and support with technical help and insurance partnerships. They are an extremely friendly, inclusive and supportive global family of Jaguar fans, so we are excited to host them.

This year at the Classic & Supercars Show, the club will be helping us feature a breath-taking timeline of over 60 models that will aim to showcase every era of Jaguar’s incredible history over the past century. The display will showcase everything from early pre-war SS models, through to the XKs of the 1950s, E-types and Mark 2 saloons of the 1960s and continuing with the XJ6 in its various evolutions, the XJS, XK8 and most recent models like the X and S-types, F-type and XF.

Join us and discover the incredible history of Jaguar, with very many rare and special cars at the Sherbourne Castle Classic & Supercars Day.

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