George Harrison follows John Lennon

Last year we had a replica of John Lennon’s Rolls Royce Phantom, this year we have George Harrison’s Mercedes 500 SEL AMG

History of A168VGE :

Registered in Glasgow in 1984 & sent to Strattons of Wilmslow for the addition of AMG trim exterior & interior. Also lowered suspension & ‘Penta’ wheels. Total cost £85,000 which in those days would have bought a house.

George kept the car for sixteen years until August 2000. This is longest he kept a car. During this time he covered about 30,000 miles. A168 VGE has a 5 litre V8 engine producing 228 BHP. The car always sat in the open at his Friar Park Estate because there was only one garage.
In a video clip of George driving the car in November 1991 he is surprised by a Japanese film crew at the Bray Studios, near Windsor. They are filming a promo for George’s Japanese Tour in December. He says to the cameramen :”I’m sorry it’s not a Honda”.

In another video clip from The Beatle’s Anthology in 1995 the remaining Beatles can be seen exiting the car at Paul’s recording studio in Sussex. Poor quality photo extracted from video attached.

Here’s a link to the video & the car can be seen after 1min 37secs

After George’s ownership it was given to his good friend Ray Cooper, the famous percussionist , who also managed ‘Handmade Films’ for George.



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