1928 Rolls Royce part of our marque feature display

The 1928 Rolls Royce Overland Special is taking a day out from its home at Haynes Motor Museum to join our special display of Rolls Royce cars.

Manchester Special

Inspired by the heroic days of Edwardian motor racing, when the quest for speed led to the development of ever larger engines, this Rolls Royce Special is powered by an enormous, V12, 27 litre, Rolls Royce engine based on the Spitfire power plant.

 The car is based on an Overland Manchester chassis, in which sits a Rolls Royce Meteor B12 Centurion Tank engine coupled to a Wilson pre-selector gearbox from a 1950s Scout armoured car. To enable such incredible power to be transferred to the rear axle a specialist centrifugal clutch has been fitted, capable of handling over 1,500 horse power.

 A real buzz to drive, no one has yet been brave enough to see how fast it will really go!

Thanks to Haynes International Motor Museum for providing this exhibit for our show.

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