Come and see Big Maude at Sherborne Castle

This car ( Big Maude) is the only surviving Maudslay with the 60hp 9.6 litre ohc. Engine.

maud card

In 1902 the renowned British manufacturing firm Maudslay of Coventry turned their attention to marine and automobile construction, with the designer Alexander Craig in charge he delivered the world’s first 6 cylinder overhead camshaft engine .

in 1904 a Maudslay car competed in the Gordon Bennett elimination trials at the TT course, where the 3 top finishing cars went forward to represent their country . (Unfortunately she ran out of fuel after completing 186 miles and did not take her place in history)

The Drive from the engine is by a forged steel cone clutch weighing in at 11 stone connected to a massive 4 speed transaxle with crash gears .the final drive is by chain to the rear wheels.

Exported new to the wealthy, mineral rich, British colony of Melbourne, Australia. Maude’s early life is yet unknown. She was recently discovered to the north of Bendigo, in the gold mining area, abandoned.  Maude had been trapped in mud and had burnt her gearbox out trying to escape.   Restoration was started over there but due to the death of one of the restores the car was offered to the present owner, who brought her back home.

In its day, big Maude, was one of the most expensive cars for sale on the British market, at £1,470 with racing bodywork. The Rolls Royce silver ghost was listed at £880.

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