2018 Show Visitor

Here I am again repeating myself for another year, but I make no excuses as my comments are an honest appraisal of my experience of 15th July 2018. Yes once again I have to state this is the best show ever, far greater variety of stands. I loved the Norton motorcycle stand, far greater quality, content and variety on the stands with most stands in Showground B being fuller than previously. Showgrounds A and C were also a joy to behold with so much to see as I was walking down the rows my head was going from side to side so much that it was in severe danger of making a complete full circle. As previously every one of your volunteers was excellent, all had happy smiling faces, were polite, helpful, considerate and made one feel wanted and respected. As you know every organisation is only as good as its weakest link, I have yet to find your one. (I will try again next year and feel certain that I will fail).