Local Scout Group benefits from Classics at the Castle

2015 Cheque Presentation to Cubs & Scouts 3rd Sparkford
Following the highly successful 12th Sherborne Castle ‘Classic and Supercar’ show this Summer, the Rotary Clubs of ‘Yeo Vale’ and ‘Sherborne Castles’ presented a cheque to 3rd Sparkford for car parking duties undertaken by them on the day.

The cheque was presented to the Scout Group Leader Kevin Davis, who is seen flanked by just some of the proud (and excited!) Beavers, Cubs and Scouts at 3rd Sparkford.

3rd Sparksford Scouts

Helpers from the car parking at the event (some of whom are in the photo) are:
Jack Osmond and dad Jon
Ben, Samuel, and parents Kev and Louise Jeans
Rosie, Jake, and dad Craig and grandpa Colin Wooldridge
Izzy and dad Andrew Hoddinott
Jasmine Davis and grandpa Pete Bollen

The cubs and scouts, their parents and grandparents, all worked hard at the car parking at ‘Classics at the Castle’, spotting a few rather exciting cars as they waved them in. They were also privileged to be allowed to visit the event, and had a fantastic time exploring all the exhibits and deciding on their dream cars! And the cubs and scouts definitely enjoyed their lunches with the very kind contribution made by the Rotary for each of them. We look forward to helping out again next year.

3rd Sparkford is a very active Scout group for youngsters from age 6 to 14 – with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts sections. The groups offers young people fantastic opportunities to learn new skills, get active and spend time in the outdoors. Each year it undertakes a number of camps and the young people gain real experience in teamwork, independence, and of course… lots of fun!

3rd Sparkford is in need of a new leader for the growing Cub section at the moment – so if you know anyone young or old who might be interested, please do contact Helen Wooldridge on helen@cuddledry.com or 01964 440801.

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