NEWS FLASH: Famous Rally Driver Brian Culcheth at the show

1970 World Rally Triumph 2000PI, Replica, Tribute car to Brian Culcheth & Johnston Syer is entered by Dave Bullen. He has a plaque describing the car and the actual rally champion driver Brian Culcheth will be at the show

Here are a few details regarding the car and Brian Culcheth, the driver of the original car that finished second in the 1970 World Cup Rally, London to Mexico city.

The car is a visual re-creation of the original which sadly was destroyed some years after the event, a decision made by Leyland Management, whilst not yet complete the external appearance is fairly accurate.   At our show Brian Culcheth will view this car for the first time, and hopefully will bring back many happy memories for him.

Brian and Johnston Syer covered some 16000 miles through 25 countries 4 sea voyages and some 17 primes (special stages) finishing second, They were one of four crews entered by British Leyland and the only crew of two persons in the car, the other cars carried three crew, Brian and Johnston, preferred to save weight by omitting the third crew member which meant they had far more work to do than the other crews.

During 1971 Brian campaigned the same car in International events finishing first on the 1971 Scottish Rally. Brian was a British Leyland Works Driver from 1969 to 1977, during which time he secured many successes in a wide variety of British Leyland vehicles such as Triumph Dolomites, TR7, and even Marina`s.

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