Apollo 5000GT at Classics at the Castle

Originally conceived as a design project by 3 young Americans who ended up with the sympathetic owner of InterMeccanica, building the 1st few fully trimmed bodies in Aluminium for fitment with the 200BHP version of Buicks now legendary all alloy 3.5 V8.

DSC_0607Scaglione saw the cars in InterMeccanicas workshops, liked them, made a few suggestions with his “Magic Pen” and the Apollo was born.

In search of more power the thinwall 305 (5 litre) motor was fitted. Yielding a true 250bhp and running 11-1 compression in a car weighing a third of a ton less than an E type, performance was electrifying and reliable. Featuring stock Buick running gear with i.r.s. and i.f.s. and a powrlock dif, the car is a balanced delight to drive, presenting the driver with all that it beautiful from an Italian supercar of the period and all that is reliable from America. Geared correctly, a sub 6 second sprint to 60 is possible with near 160mph performance on tap.

The cars claim to fame is as the “Baddies” car in Herbie

The car presented at the show WAS the only Apollo in the UK until recently when the owner imported one of the final production run with the uprated 330 ci engine. This car, which incorporates many upgrades to the original, design will be shown next year.

Sources, The Current owner, Wikipedia, Barchetta Sports

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