The BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car ‘Driving Experience’ at this year’s show

BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car

The Goal

Create a unique, high-technology project, focused around a 1000 mph World Land Speed Record attempt. Share this Engineering Adventure with a global audience and inspire the next generation by bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible.

Bloodhound 2

Against a background of today’s low risk culture, Richard Noble specialises in developing high risk ventures. Obviously not all of them can be successful, but the Thrust2 programme which brought the World Land Speed Record back to Britain in 1983 and the Thrust SSC first ever supersonic Land Speed Record Programme are the best known. Richard Noble and his team have held the Land Speed Record for over 30 years with the Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC programmes.

Former fighter pilot and current Royal Air Force Wing Commander, Andy Green is BLOODHOUND SSC’s driver and self proclaimed fastest mathematician in the world. As the only person to have driven a car at supersonic speeds and the current Land Speed Record holder, he is truly unique!

The BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car ‘Driving Experience’ will be at this year’s Classics at the Castle

The BLOODHOUND Driving Experience is a visual simulation of just some of the challenges that the driver Andy Green, will face. You will have the opportunity to fire up the engines, drive the car over 1000 mph through the measured mile and come to a halt by the recovery team. How difficult can it really be to drive in a straight line? See who can break the record.

Bloodhound 1

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