The first Special for the show a Rover 150?

rover 150

Jerry Lloyd has entered one of the most unusual vehicles to the show — showing off his Rover 150, a car made from two front ends of a Rover 75.

“I’ve had the car for about a year,” he says. “It all came around after too many bottles of wine at Christmas. A friend and I were discussing if it could be done, he didn’t think it could, so I decided to try it.”

He said the reaction to the vehicle had been amazing, adding: “Particularly when I’m on the motorway. You can see people’s brains trying to catch up with their eyes. One person told me it reminded them of the pub in Coronation Street — the Rover’s Return.”

It took Mr Lloyd, of Lampeter Velfrey, nine weeks to complete the car, which has a longer exhaust, fuel pipe and brake cable than found on the usual Rover 75 model.

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