Could the Replica Red Arrows steal our show?

For the first time since the show began 11 years ago, replica Red Arrows planes will take to the skies as a part of our Classics at the Castle event.

The remote control BA Hawk 22s replicas, measuring 9ft 5ins in length, were built by father and son, Steven and Matthew Bishop of Shropshire , and were featured in the national press in March 2014.

It took them a year and cost £10,000 to build the model aircraft which can reach speeds of 150 to 200 miles per hour.   Steven Bishop said,

“I started building model aircraft when I was around six years old.  But is was all very different then.  You had one control and were expected to do all the flying with that.

On the BA Hawk 22s which are flown by the Red Arrows, we have 18 different controls on a number of channels so there can be a lot to take in.   People are always really impressed and sometimes cant even tell the difference from the real thing”.

So don’t miss the Replica Red Arrows at Sherborne on 20th July 2014.



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